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  • Uber driver who used gun to stop alleged out-of-control driver worries about losing job

    An Uber driver credited with helping to stop an out-of-control driver on New Year's Eve is worried that he might lose his job because he used a gun to stop the man.

  • Ontario court rules that Uber can't use arbitration to keep its drivers from suing it

    The Ontario Court of Appeal has ruled that Uber can't use binding arbitration "agreements" to stop its drivers from joining a class action suit against the company; the court held that the arbitration clause was "illegally outsourcing an employment standard." Under Uber's non-negotiable driver "agreement," drivers who wanted to sue the company had to pay up to US$14,500 to a Dutch arbitration company to seek any kind of redress. Uber plans on appealing. In California, Uber succeeded in...

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  • Cleveland Uber driver and passengers injured in hit and run crash by wrong-way driver

    CLEVELAND, Ohio – Cleveland police are investigating a hit and run accident that injured an Uber driver and his passengers. The Uber driver was headed north on E. 55th Street around 12:30 a.m. Tuesday. Cleveland police say another driver headed south in the northbound lane hit them head on. The wrong-way driver ran from the scene on foot, according to Cleveland police officers. The Uber driver and his passengers were taken to University Hospitals for treatment. One of the passengers [
  • Adrien Broner told: 'Shave it off'

    Team Pacquiao wants Adrien Broner to shave off his beard. by Abac Cordero