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  • Apple reportedly hires former Facebook privacy employee turned critic

    Apple has hired a former Facebook employee, turned Facebook critic, as part of its privacy team, the Financial Times reports. Sandy Parakilas worked at Facebook between 2011 and 2012, leading the company's third-party privacy and policy compliance ef

  • Apple reportedly hired a major Facebook critic and former employee for its privacy team

    Apple reportedly hired former Facebook employee and critic Sandy Parakilas to its privacy team, according to the Financial Times.

  • Apple increases ‘health’ related hiring as job openings rise 400% since 2017

    Apple has been slowly but surely growing hiring rates for jobs related to “health” fields. The company’s job openings with the word specifically mentioned in the career title have increased 400% as the company continues to view health as its “greatest contribution to mankind”. According to new data by Thinknum, Apple has 75 open job listings with the word “health” in the career title, as compared to just 15 openings in October 2017. more

  • Survey Finds 78% of Patients Satisfied With Apple Health Records at UC San Diego Hospital

    UC San Diego Health recently sent an online survey to its first 425 patients who activated Apple Health Records in 2018, and among 132 respondents, 78 percent indicated that they were "satisfied with using the feature." 96 percent of respondents said they could "easily connect their mobile devices to the platform," and 90 percent said the "smartphone solution improved their understanding of their own health, facilitated conversations with their clinicians, or improved sharing of personal...

  • Apple’s Siri team far behind Amazon’s Alexa employee hiring rates

    New data from Thinknum shows how hiring for Amazon’s Alexa platform is currently outpacing Apple’s attempts to grow the Siri team, at a rate of nearly 5:1. As of writing, there were about 750 job openings mentioning “Alexa” from Amazon, with just under 170 from Apple with specific mention of “Siri“. more

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook: 'Apple's Most Important Contribution to Mankind' Will Be in Health

    In an interview with Mad Money's Jim Cramer that aired tonight, Apple CEO Tim Cook discussed a wide range of topics, including Apple's future product plans, its health ambitions, wearable sales, and Siri improvements. According to Cook, Apple's product pipeline has "never been better," a line that he often repeats. Apple is, in fact, working on new services that are coming this year, says Cook, though he declined to provide additional detail. I believe it'll be material over time. I'm not...

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook: Apple's 'Ecosystem Has Never Been Stronger' and Long-Term Health Has 'Never Been Better'

    Apple CEO Tim Cook will appear on CNBC's "Mad Money" show this evening, where he will speak with host Jim Cramer, and ahead of the interview, CNBC has shared some of what was discussed. The topic was, of course, Apple's recent guidance downgrade, where Cook said that factors like poor sales in China, a strong U.S. dollar, and cheap battery replacements impacted Q1 2019 earnings. According to Cook, Apple's ecosystem of devices and services is "probably underappreciated" by naysayers,...