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  • Trump blamed for shutdown, border wall plans fall flat

    President Trump's prime-time plea to Americans to support his plans for a border wall fell flat, and the public increasingly blames him for the government shutdown. Not only did last week's Oval Office address fail to boost support for Mr. Trump's wall — polling numbers are virtually unchanged compared to
  • Piers Morgan Attacks Michelle Obama for Cruelty to Melania Trump

    Sometimes, political sides are hard to distinguish. Sometimes, they’re fluid, which isn’t a bad thing. Virulently anti-gun Piers Morgan dropped a bomb on Michelle Obama last week, over the former First Lady’s treatment of Melania Trump. As you may remember, tradition has dictated that past First Families stay out of politics once their terms are over. Ex-presidents go on to support charities, make | Read More

  • Trump uses Obama’s words in new argument for wall funding

    President Trump is manning the White House solo, he tweeted Saturday, posting that “there’s almost nobody in the W.H. but me” as he attacked reports that he lacks a strategy for ending the shutdown. “I do have a plan on the Shutdown,” he wrote. “But to understand that plan you would have to understand the

    New York Post
  • Trump attacks President Obama in new wave of unhinged Twitter accusations

    Donald Trump attempted to drag former President Barack Obama into his campaign finance problems — reportedly paying off alleged mistresses to keep quiet about affairs — saying his predecessor was accused of similar crimes. On Twitter, Trump wrote: “Many people currently a part of my opposition, including President Obama & the Dems, have had campaign violations, in some cases for very large sums of money. These are civil cases. They paid a fine & settled.

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  • Trump's national security team reportedly asked for military options to attack Iran last fall, alarming US officials

    The Trump administration asked the Pentagon for military options to strike Iran last fall, according to a new Wall Street Journal report. The request alarmed Pentagon and State Department employees, current and former US officials reportedly told the Journal.  The well-known hawk John Bolton has headed Trump's National Security Council since April. Bolton has emphasized a more aggressive approach to Iran.  The White House reportedly asked the Pentagon for military options to strike Iran last...

    Business Insider
  • Trump attacks McChrystal after retired general called Trump immoral

    In one of his first tweets of the new year, President Donald Trump attacked retired four-star Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal after he criticized the President on Sunday.

  • After Trump attacks Cohen, House committee chairs warn Trump not to 'obstruct' investigation

    On Saturday, Donald Trump made an apparently impromptu call-in to a Fox News program to push back against new press stories that revealed the FBI had launched a counterterrorism investigation to determine whether the sitting president was working as an agent for the Russian government. He refused to specifically answer whether the allegations were true, deflecting by saying it was "the most insulting thing I've ever been asked" and that "they found absolutely nothing." But Trump also made what...