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  • Murders In Washington, D.C. Jump 40% In 2018

    As of December 2018, 160 people had been murdered across the Washington metropolitan area, up from 116 in 2017, a spike of about 40%, according to new data from the Metropolitan Police Department. In total, of the 534 people shot in the nation's capital through mid-December, 23% died, reported The Washington Post. Out of control murders had been visible since the first half of 2018. In response, Mayor Muriel Bowser had to deploy additional officers in Spring to get ahead of the crime wave -...

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  • Trump has literally trashed Washington, D.C., the nation

    If this isn’t the most emblematic picture of the Trump presidency, I don’t know what is. x #governmentshutdown #shutdown Quick pic on my bike ride in. That’s the White House in the background. The National Park can’t empty trash cans next to the Washington Monument. — Nick Schwellenbach (@schwellenbach) January 2, 2019 That’s Trump’s White House, Trump’s America.
  • D.C. United will not discipline Wayne Rooney after arrest

    The English superstar was detained at Dulles airport last month for public intoxication.