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  • President Trump’s Iran Policy – Is It ‘Normal’?

    Is it normal to threaten millions of people with starvation if their leaders refuse to bow down to US demands?
  • Trump's Iran Policy Cannot Succeed Without Allies

    James Clapper, Thomas Pickering Security, Middle East Only well calibrated multilateral political, economic and diplomatic pressure brought to bear on Iran with many and diverse partners will produce the results we seek. “Then there were none” was Agatha Christie’s most memorable mystery about a house party in which each guest was killed off one by one. Donald Trump’s policy toward Iran has resulted in much the same: a vanishing one by one of American partners who were previously supportive of...

    The National Interest
  • Why We Should Reject Trump’s Regime Change Policy for Iran

    Here's a radical notion: perhaps we should recognize that the future of Iran is not ours to plan or prepare.

    The American Conservative
  • Why Trump’s Bankrupt Iran Policy Can’t Succeed

    Iran sanctions can't achieve the administration's stated goals, and that is largely because those goals are unrealistic and unreasonable.

    The American Conservative
  • Ron Paul Asks "Is President Trump's Iran Policy 'Normal'"

    Authored by Ron Paul via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity, It’s not often that US Government officials are honest when they talk about our foreign policy. The unprovoked 2003 attack on Iraq was called a “liberation.” The 2011 US-led destruction of Libya was a “humanitarian intervention.” And so on. So, in a way, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was refreshingly honest last week when, speaking about newly-imposed US sanctions, he told the BBC that the Iranian leadership “has to...

    Zero Hedge
  • Iran is now the biggest test for Trump's disruptive foreign policy

    Iran could become the Trump administration's most defining foreign policy challenge in the next two years.

  • What Iran policy?

    We pulled out of the JCPOA, so what now?