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  • Can Technology Cure Our Healthcare Ills?

    At CES 2019, innovative new approaches point toward new paths. Here are the best we saw on the show floor. The post Can Technology Cure Our Healthcare Ills? appeared first on ExtremeTech.

  • What We Can Learn From Past Government Shutdowns

    It's Day 18 of the partial government shutdown, and it's now the third-longest on record. In the 90s, it took President Clinton and House Speaker Gingrich a record 21 days to settle an impasse.
  • What public can learn from past championship games

    LAS VEGAS — Some of the most compelling viewing in recent NFL seasons has come in Super Bowl prequels, since 1970 contested as AFC and NFC Championship games. There was a period when the conference titles were decidedly non-compelling, however, especially for much of the 1980s and into the early ’90s when AFC and NFC

    New York Post
  • Scientists Looking at DNA to Learn Life Expectancy

    Genes in brain, heart most responsible for determining lifespan