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  • Cubs manager Joe Maddon: More coaching, less talking in 2019

    With at least three newcomers on his coaching staff, Cubs manager Joe Maddon said he plans to be more involved in 2019. “That will be the part that will be different,” Maddon told the Tampa Bay Times on Monday in St. Petersburg, Fla., where Maddon hosted a Thanksmas charity event with his Respect...
  • How becoming a manager can be a double-edged sword

    There are perks to becoming a manager: higher pay, career mobility, and more authority and influence when it comes to making decisions. But there are also downsides: having too much work and not enough time to do it. A new study from Portland State University and University of Zurich researchers calls the transition a "double-edged sword" and found that a manager's ability to mentally detach from work during non-work hours can help reduce the increased exhaustion and work-family conflict that...
  • How Artificial Intelligence Can Help You Better Manage Your Time

    Make time management easy, and see productivity increase.

  • Better forest management won't end wildfires, but it can reduce the risks – here's how

    President Donald Trump's recent comments blaming forest managers for catastrophic California wildfires have been met with outrage and ridicule from the wildland fire and forestry community. Not only were these remarks insensitive to the humanitarian crisis unfolding in California – they also reflected a muddled understanding of the interactions between wildfire and forest management.