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  • Tough sharing the Test series trophy at home

    Bangladesh's stand-in captain, however, was relieved to have scored a hundred and broken a lean run with the bat in Test cricket
  • Grandview woman has a forest in her home of more than 400 Christmas trees

    GRANDVIEW, Mo — Most families who celebrate Christmas have a tree in their house, maybe two. But one Grandview woman has almost everyone beat. She has more than 400! Shelly Botcher loves the spirit of Christmas, especially the trees. “The great room has like 72 in it, and I ran out of trees because I have a lot more places to put trees,” she said. Botcher has so many that she doesn’t have an exact count. “This year, there’s over [

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  • Friendship before Facebook: how 'likes' and 'shares' date back 400 years

    Pictures of glamorous holidays next to ‘likes’ from friends may seem like the stuff of Facebook and Instagram, but the craze predates social media by 400 years.

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