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  • Grout vs. caulk: One will crack at the edge of the shower, and one won’t

    If cracks develop, remove the grout and replace it with flexible caulk.
  • Trump finally explains that when he says 'Mexico will pay for it' he means America will pay for it

    It’s hard to single out any particular Donald Trump idea for the Stupidest Of All. There are just way, way too many contenders. But surely the idea that Mexico would pay for a border wall with the United States was always near the top of the charts. Mexico would get no benefit from such a wall, and the idea that a nation whose economy is about one-tenth that of the United States would do us a solid by turning a substantial part of their national budget into a global eyesore is simply beyond...
  • FanDuel paying out national champ bets on Tide

    FanDuel sportsbook announced Friday that it is paying out bets from people who picked Alabama to win the college football national championship -- over a month before the game is played. The move could cost FanDuel $400,000, it says.
  • Ladbrokes pay punters after technical ‘glitch’ cancelled winning bets

    • Bookmaker declines to confirm how many clients affected• ‘Goodwill’ payments made to unknown number of customers Ladbrokes admitted on Monday that a long-standing “technical glitch” in its software for processing online bets may have led customers “to believe that their bets had been accepted, when in fact they had not been placed and no stakes taken.” It also said that “as a gesture of goodwill”, it would make payments to a number of its customers whose cancelled bets would have been...

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