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  • There will be 3 big upsets and biggest of all will be Dolphins-Patriots. Here’s why

    NFL Week 14 offers up three big upsets, by our estimation, and the biggest of them all will happen at Hard Rock Stadium as the playoff-chasing Dolphins humble the rival that beat them by 31 points earlier this season. Here’s why it will happen.

  • Joe’s Weather Blog: It’s still fall isn’t it? (MON-12/3)

    Good morning...a skiff of snow fell overnight...and once again the roads were rather slick in some areas...perhaps not widespread but enough to create problems this morning. Last night on FOX 4 News at 9/10 I was banging the drum on this potential as I was tracking snow across parts of N MO. I noticed up towards Maryville a solid dusting...with icy roads developing so I hit it at the beginning of every weather cast. I figured the snow may melt and then freeze up on the bridges and overpasses...

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  • Wall Street Expects S&P To Peak At 3,056; Will Rotate Into Bonds When Yield Hits 3.7%

    One day after Bank of America released its latest, and quite bearish Credit Investor Survey, on Tuesday the bank has published its latest, and far broader, Fund Managers Survey which polled a total of 225 panellists with $641bn AUM during the period of November 2-8. According to the survey administrator, BofA CIO Michael Hartnett, there were three key takeaways: Investors forecast the S&P500 to peak at 3056 (give or take) and are waiting for the 10-Year yield to reach 3.7% before rotating...

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  • It’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up — that’s what Flynn’s collaboration with Mueller will prove

    Michael Flynn’s sentencing memo is a reminder that the lessons of Watergate still apply... The post It’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up — that’s what Flynn’s collaboration with Mueller will prove appeared first on Raw Story.

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  • Heat’s trip to LA will be special for Dwyane Wade. So special, he’s willing to sacrifice sleep

    After the Heat’s flight from Phoenix on Friday night following the Heat’s win over the Suns, Dwyane Wade was reunited with his wife Gabrielle Union and daughter Kaavia James Union Wade in Los Angeles, where the family has their second home.

  • OU’s schedule strength will top OSU’s, but that’s not only factor

    The committee’s already said OU’s faced a tougher path, and that advantage will only grow. The College Football Playoff field of four teams will be set on Sunday. A couple teams who have a real shot of making it in are No. 5 Oklahoma and No. 6 Ohio State. Both teams will play in conference championships on Saturday, but the Sooners are already ahead of the Buckeyes in one category. That would be strength of schedule. Here’s what committee chairperson Robert Mullens said after Tuesday night’s...
  • ‘He’s not your man’ meme will remind you he’s not your man, he’s Mr. Brightside

    Ladies! Good news. There's a new meme out there to help you find your man, or rather, find all the men out there who aren't yours. If someone isn't texting you back, he's obviously not your man. But if he's doing a bunch of other weird shit too, like "turning saints into the seas," "tutoring Alexander the Great," or "making you feel ill," there's a perfect explanation: he's not your man because he's Mr. Brightside, or Aristotle, or even a hamburger from McDonald's. Makes sense. SEE ALSO: The...