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  • Who's to blame for shutdown? Three new polls have answers: Trump, Trump, and Trump

    There are a few new polls Senate Republicans might want to check out before they decide how to vote on the bill to reopen the government until Feb. 8. They are not in a position of strength on this one, at least when it comes to popular support.  A CBS News poll finds that 66 percent of Americans think Donald Trump should agree to a budget without funding for his border wall, while just 31 percent say he should hold out for his wall. Where Trump will take comfort there is that 65 percent of...
  • New York Dems Move to Protect Abortion Rights

    On the 46th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, amid a landscape in which the fate of abortion rights becomes increasingly uncertain, a nearly decade-long effort to amend an archaic New York state law came one major step closer to fruition. The New York State Senate voted Tuesday to pass the Reproductive Health Act, amending a law that effectively criminalizes self-managed abortions and abortions performed after 24 weeks. Governor Andrew Cuomo, who urged the legislature to pass the bill in early 2019,...

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  • New York lawmakers vote to protect abortion rights

    New York lawmakers have passed one of the nation's strongest protections for abortion rights, saying the women of New York need legal safeguards if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe