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  • This is what Trump’s caravan invasion really looks like

    Those walking to the US to seek asylum have been demonized by Trump, who sent more than 5,000 soldiers to await them at the border. Bryan Mealer traveled with the most vulnerable among them By the time I reach the migrant caravan in late October, they’d been traveling for two weeks since leaving Honduras, having covered over 600 miles. Leaving from San Pedro Sula, one of the deadliest cities on Earth, they’d set out over mountains, through forest and rivers, and along the way became both an...

    the Guardian
  • Trump's top economic adviser says fears of recession are 'nonsense'

    'Corrections come and go,' Larry Kudlow said at the White House, insisting the economy is strong. He had similarly rosy predictions in December 2007,when the last significant recession began.

    Mail Online
  • Jessie J & Jenna Dewan’s Look-Alike Pics: 9 Times Channing Tatum’s GF & Ex Looked Like Twins

    When Channing Tatum started dating Jessie J, fans freaked over how much she looked like his ex, Jenna Dewan. Check out these photos that show the uncanny resemblance between the gorgeous women!

    Hollywood Life