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  • Major League Baseball bailing out Cuban government

    Venezuela is all but bankrupt and the USSR is no more, so Cuba's communist dictatorship turns to America's pastime for hard currency to sustain itself.
  • Kyler Murray and the choice between the NFL and Major League Baseball

    Is it fame that someone like Kyler Murray should seek? Or fortune? What about guaranteed millions? How do you feel about buses? Let’s hash this all out. Football is more popular than baseball. This is true to such an extreme that I’d wager Jared Goff is more recognizable than Mike Trout, even though I have no idea if Goff is any good. That’s just the way it is, and there’s no point getting mad about it. If I wake up tomorrow morning and type, “Gonna write about Darnson Breeney and the Twins’...
  • 5 Factors That Will Fuel the Baltimore Ravens in the Playoffs

    Getting into the NFL postseason isn't easy. Teams have to navigate 17 weeks of regular-season games, overcome injuries and push through adversity. Few playoff teams this year know this as well as the Baltimore Ravens

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