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  • President Trump reportedly eager to make trade deal with China

    Day 3 of trade talks and things seem to be moving in the right direction as a new report reveals that President Trump is eager to make a deal in order to calm the market. Stephanie Ruhle breaks down the latest on the trade war with CNBC Senior Analyst Ron Insana and Financial Times Alphaville U.S. Editor Brendan Greeley.
  • These stocks could surge the most if the US lowers tariffs on China and makes a trade deal

    U.S. stocks with significant revenue exposure to China could be big winners if a trade deal comes through, according to HSBC.

  • Trump’s mistakes make a China trade deal harder to seal

    Donald Trump fancies himself as a great negotiator. But he’s made at least two big mistakes that’ll make it difficult for the US to come to a trade agreement with the Chinese. Eventually, some sort of deal will be reached. Whether it will be honored is another matter. But whatever it turns out to be

    New York Post
  • US, China Making Progress, But 'Not Ready To Conclude Trade Deal': DJ

    Following reports that the mid-level trade talks in Beijing between US and Chinese delegations would continue for a third day on Wednesday - reports that have been confirmed by US trade delegation member Steven Winberg - WSJ claimed that the two sides are making progress, but they're "not ready to conclude a deal." Trade negotiators from China and the US have narrowed some of their differences, Dow Jones reported on Tuesday. The report, which cited sources, said the negotiators made progress...

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