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  • This is what the wind sounds like on Mars

    One of the coolest things about NASA’s new InSight lander that recently arrived on Mars is that it’ll be able to listen closely to sounds generated deep underground. It has the potential to teach us a lot about how Mars works. Before that happens, NASA has to prepare the robot to begin using its powerful

    New York Post
  • This is what the wind sounds like on Mars

    NASA’s Mars InSight lander touched down on the red planet last week, and it has already made history: by capturing rumbling vibrations over its solar panels, we have been able to hear the first sound ever recorded from the surface of another planet.

    NBC News
  • Kisner: College teammates hated Patrick Reed

    The line of fire toward unpopular Masters champion Patrick Reed continues to percolate.

  • What does Martian wind sound like? Now we know

    It's the first time humans can hear the wind on the Red Planet.

    ABC News
  • Melber: Trump isn't sounding like an innocent person

    Ari Melber and Natasha Bertrand discuss the latest details in the Mueller investigation, Michael Flynn, and the president's recent tweets about Michael Cohen.
  • Millionaires are more likely to be narcissists who think they're 'very special'

    Researchers who questioned 130 millionaires in Germany found they were more extroverted and conceited than the general population.

    Mail Online
  • Microsoft's Surface Headphones Sound Like Disappointment

    I’ll say one thing about the new Microsoft Surface Headphones. They’re pretty, especially if you like the colour grey. I’ll tell you a few other things. The Cortana features are frustrating. The noise-cancelling tech is basically fine. The ear cups aren’t super comfortable. And the headphones just don’t sound that amazing. They’re a good fashion statement. “Look at me,” these branded cans scream, “I’m a loyal Microsoft user.” More