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  • Kyler Murray and the choice between the NFL and Major League Baseball

    Is it fame that someone like Kyler Murray should seek? Or fortune? What about guaranteed millions? How do you feel about buses? Let’s hash this all out. Football is more popular than baseball. This is true to such an extreme that I’d wager Jared Goff is more recognizable than Mike Trout, even though I have no idea if Goff is any good. That’s just the way it is, and there’s no point getting mad about it. If I wake up tomorrow morning and type, “Gonna write about Darnson Breeney and the Twins’...
  • How the world's most beautiful cities looked 100 years ago

    The pictures show landmarks in cities such as London, Paris, Rome and Amsterdam. Some such as the Colosseum have barely changed while Berlin's Reichstag has been transformed.

    Mail Online
  • 100 years ago: Boston's Great Molasses Flood of 1919

    In one of Boston's more unusual disasters, 21 people were killed in a molasses flood in the city's North End in 1919. Take a look at how the neighborhood looked after the flood and how it looks today: