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  • Shouldn’t Be Done—But

    Last week, a group of anti-“fascist” or antifa thugs posted online the home address of Fox News host and former Weekly Standard writer Tucker Carlson. They then gathered outside his Washington residence and terrorized his wife, who was home alone at the time. Maybe these menacing shenanigans were condemned by most people on the respectable left, but mainly what we saw was the spiteful equivocation of the eminently respectable left-wing opinion-machine known as Matt Yglesias.

    The Weekly Standard
  • The Culture War Neutron Bomb

    We are becoming a Huxleyan dystopia to escape the civilizational catastrophe of God's death

    The American Conservative
  • Trump and the ongoing culture war

    Since November 2016, the media and the progressive left have been pounding the same two claims. The first is that Donald Trump was not really elected, since Hillary Clinton got more popular votes. The second is that anyone who voted for Mr. Trump or supports him today is a white ...