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  • 2018-19’s top 100 college football games, RANKED

    It’s time for our annual love letter to the season that was. 2018 was one of the chalkiest college football seasons on record, but here’s the thing about college football: it’s massive. Even if the title race only handed us one surprise (a big one, for the record), you could still find chaos, silliness, and compelling football every Saturday if you knew where to look. And if you don’t believe that, here are 100 games to prove you wrong, not necessarily the 100 most impressive single-team...
  • Ranking the Top Quarterbacks from the 2018 NFL Season

    In 2018, we saw running backs take back some of the glory in the NFL . Marlon Mack and Ezekiel Elliott have carried their teams into the second round of the playoffs, while rookies like Saquon Barkley and Nick Chubb took the league by storm

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  • NBA shoes: Coolest kicks of the 2018-19 season

    NBA players show off their flair with an array of wild shoes.

  • Ranking Every FBS Conference After the 2018-19 Season

    College football is on the shelf until next September. After Clemson pummeled Alabama in the national championship game, it became obvious the Tigers were the best nation's team. But when it comes to leagues, supporting casts matter

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