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  • At Least 25 Killed In California Wildfires

    Wildfires have killed at least 25 people in California, including at least 23 in the northern part of the state, where thousands of homes have also been destroyed.
  • Flash floods kill seven in Jordan

    Flash floods killed seven people in Jordan on Friday, the government and civil defence said, adding that five more people were missing.The bad weather also...

    Mail Online
  • Spanish woman kills herself during eviction attempt by police

    65-year-old jumps from Madrid flat amid growing evictions crisis fuelled by soaring rents A Spanish woman has killed herself by jumping from the fifth floor of her Madrid flat as police tried to evict her. The 65-year-old pensioner did not answer the door to bailiffs or police officers and then leapt from the window, a police spokesman said on Monday. Continue reading...

    the Guardian