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  • ‘Hanging’ remark fuels Dems in Mississippi Senate race

    Steve Kornacki and the roundtable break down what it will take for Democrats to win the Mississippi Senate race.
  • Polls show tightening race in Mississippi Senate run-off

    Rachel Maddow reports on the U.S. Senate race between Mike Espy and Cindy Hyde-Smith, who will debate one more time before a run-off election next week, and highlights the important upcoming run-off election for Georgia secretary of state.
  • Dems seize on opponents' comments in Mississippi Senate race

    To have a shot at another stunner in a Senate race in the Deep South, Democrats knew their candidate, Mike Espy, needed something dramatic to shift the landscape. Then a progressive blogger posted videos in which Espy's opponent in the late-November runoff, Republican Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith, said she'd attend a "public hanging" if invited by a supporter, and that suppressing the votes of college students might be a "good thing." On defense, Hyde-Smith called the comment about attending a public...