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  • The S&P Levels You Need To Know

    Via Global Macro Monitor, Interesting double-top, double bottom W forming in the S&P500.   In honor of George H.W. and George W.?  Hmmm…… The futures were rejected right at key resistance in overnight trading, making a high at 2814.0 during in early morning pre-trading and it now down 31 handles in Asia trading.   The cash market was repelled today right at 2800 (2800.18 if you’re counting) Doji City The cash S&P made another well-formed Doji candlestick today.  Notice during this Q4...

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  • Here’s what you need to know about the French fuel protests

    Gas tax hikes and speed limits have ignited a much broader protest.
  • Central Florida traffic: Here's what you need to know for your commute

    Central Florida’s roads are clear of major accidents and backups this morning. Check back for updates. Click here to read more traffic news and get the latest updates on your commute