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  • Trump ‘embraces dictators of all stripes,’ Elizabeth Warren says

    “We must face reality head on: President Trump’s actions and instincts align with those of authoritarian regimes around the globe,” Warren said in a foreign policy speech.
  • Elizabeth Warren's advisers want her to APOLOGIZE for Indian DNA stunt

    Democrats blasted the liberal Massachusetts senator in October for drawing attention to her biggest political liability in the middle of a tense midterm election cycle.

    Mail Online
  • Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump are in the hot seat over Trump Tower Moscow

    As Bloomberg reports, the latest revelations from former Trump attorney Michael Cohen only tend to solidify the idea that the Russians held Kompromat on Donald Trump. It wasn’t just that Trump was in the midst of making a deal to put his name on the tallest building in Moscow—with a $50 million penthouse reserved for Vladimir Putin—at the same time he was running for president. It was that the Russians knew that Trump was trying to make this deal, at the same time he was denying trying to make...