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  • Florida: seafood industry struggles to recover after Hurricane Michael

    Food production industries including oysters and Beluga caviar will not be fully operational for months, if not years It has been six weeks since Hurricane Michael blew through north-western Florida and tore apart the Ward family’s waterfront oyster processing house and dock. The deadly storm’s 155mph winds also ripped roofs and sidings from Mark Zaslavsky’s caviar-producing sturgeon farm and destroyed beehives at Carrie Morthland’s Panama City Honey Company. Related: Without power and living...

    the Guardian
  • Authorities: Hurricane Michael killed at least 43 in Florida

    Florida authorities have linked more deaths to Hurricane Michael, raising the state's death toll to 43.

    Fox News
  • Florida couple married at home site Hurricane Michael destroyed

    Hurricane Michael may have blown away their home, but it provided a memorable spot for a Mexico Beach couple to get married. Ben and Brittany Parham tied the knot Saturday on the slab of concrete that was once their home, the Tampa Bay Times reported. They met three years ago and eventually moved...
  • 'One day at a time' for Florida schools recovering from Hurricane Michael

    Since students in the Florida Panhandle county hardest hit by Hurricane Michael returned to classrooms in early November, they've dealt with power outages, sporadic internet, missing friends, larger classes and shared buildings. Students displaced from heavily damaged Bay County schools have moved...
  • Former CIA, NSA head Michael Hayden suffers stroke

    Michael Hayden, the former head of the CIA and NSA, is in the hospital after suffering a stroke, his family said.

    ABC News
  • Researchers look to see how elevated housing in Florida stood up to Hurricane Michael

    It's commonplace in U.S. coastal areas and floodplains to upraise homes in order to keep living areas dry in case the water rises. However, mobile and wood homes standing a few feet off the ground could be a lot more susceptible to winds exerting force from underneath and increasing the force of loads on walls and ceilings—a possibility that has been studied little, until now.
  • Hurricanes heading to Pinstripe Bowl

    The Miami Hurricanes are heading to the Pinstripe Bowl. The Canes will play at Yankee Stadium on Dec. 27. The game kicks off at 5:15 p.m. Miami finished the regular season with a 7-5 record after beating Pittsburgh in the regular season finale. The Hurricanes will play Wisconsin.