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  • When Eskom load-shedding will stop

    Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan has laid out what is happening at Eskom and how they plan to fix problems at the state-owned entity.

  • Facial recognition tech spreads to car rentals

    Why take out your wallet and photo ID if a camera and software program can scan your face, verify your identity, and send you on your way in 30 seconds? That's what Hertz rental cars is asking with its new partnership with Clear, the biometric face and fingerprint scanning company you've seen at airport security checkpoints.  SEE ALSO: Microsoft wants regulation to keep the 'facial recognition genie' in the bottle At the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport this month, you can check...

  • Facebook, other tech giants should stop suppressing speech

    European governments are examining the business practices of Facebook, and the company is under fire in the U.S. for suppressing speech.

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