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  • Weinstein's lawyers urge dismissal of sexual assault case

    NEW YORK (AP) - Harvey Weinstein's lawyer says his sexual assault case has devolved into a mess of lying witnesses and hidden evidence and should be thrown out. In a court filing Thursday, lawyer Benjamin Brafman said defense investigators had turned up evidence raising doubts about Weinstein's accusers. He says ...
  • Case against Harvey Weinstein is still strong, prosecutors insist

    His lawyers are just trying to create “a public circus’’ by seeking a court hearing to toss out the charges against him.

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  • Harvey Weinstein Sends Email Describing ‘One Hell of a Year’

    Monday morning saw a familiar name pop up in email inboxes across Hollywood: Harvey Weinstein. The disgraced producer, who is currently facing charges in New York for sexual misconduct, sent a now widely-circulated email from his personal account on Monday. “I’ve had one hell of a year. The worst nightmare ... More