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  • Team-by-team NFL notes

    Buffalo Bills: Rookie quarterback Josh Allen had a lot of homework the past four weeks as he was recovering from an elbow injury. Offensive coordinator Brian Daboll made sure his mind was never out of the game. "Play the game mentally. I had him taking notes, whether it was coverages, players that were looking to attack, how they're playing in certain things, keeping the calls, writing the calls down," Daboll said. "Anything that I asked him to do, he was staying in the game as mentally as he...

  • FLM All-32: Team-by-team NFL notes

    Buffalo Bills: While his team sits at 5-9 and he continues to rely on young players who bring little fanfare, coach Sean McDermott actually believes such reliance is proof his plan is working. "It's really the type of culture we're trying to build where I can walk into the team meeting room on Wednesday morning and say, 'Hey, Player X has earned the right to be brought up to the active roster,'" McDermott said during his Monday news conference, noting he played six undrafted rookies Sunday....

  • In an NFL Season When No Team Is Unbeatable, Every Team Has a Shot

    Everything was so simple just a few weeks ago. The Chiefs, Rams and Saints were unstoppable forces of nature. The Patriots, as they often do, overcame early-season stumbles and shifted into dynasty mode

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  • Could an Alabama Team Under Nick Saban Beat an NFL Team? Several Former Players Think So

    It’s long been debated whether or not Alabama’s dominant teams could hold their own against the professionals, so we posed the question to several former Bama stars currently in the NFL—and while some remained measured, others are fully confident in their college coach’s ability.
  • Which NFL team has been the most disappointing this year?

    There’s been no shortage of heartbreak this fall, but which franchise has been the dirt worst? The 2018 season will be remembered as the year the Chiefs, Saints, Bears, and Rams all played up to their potential. And also as the season the Packers, Jaguars, Falcons, and Panthers took a long look at their playoff aspirations, sighed loudly, and then announced to no one in particular that they “didn’t want to talk about it.” While players like Patrick Mahomes, Jared Goff, and Khalil Mack all rose...
  • Roundtable: Who Is the Most Boring Team in the NFL?

    There are some NFL teams that move the needle every week. These are the ones that don't.
  • Every NFL Team's Kryptonite

    No team starts the season with a perfect roster or finishes without flaws—even the triumphant champions who hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy in February. A championship-caliber squad understands its strengths and minimizes weaknesses...

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