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  • Incoming Mexican president faces immediate border test

    A populist leader, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has proposed solutions to President Donald Trump that come with costs.

  • We're facing a world without elephants: James A. Baker III

    No one wants to imagine a world without elephants. But it's a distinct possibility unless a global effort succeeds in preserving them.

  • Brazilian booksellers face wave of closures that leave sector in crisis

    Recession and rising prices have left the book trade fighting for its life, with one publisher appealing to readers for help by buying books at Christmas “These are dark days for the book in Brazil”, one of the country’s leading publishers has warned, after crises at the country’s two largest bookstore chains have left many worried that many towns may be left without a single bookstore. After announcing the closure of 20 stores in October, book chain Saraiva announced in late November that it...

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