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  • Supreme Court looks ready to let customers sue Apple for abusing its App Store monopoly

    The Supreme Court hearing on Pepper v Apple has not gone well for Apple; the Supremes are considering whether App Store customers are entitled to sue Apple over its monopoly control over the Ios App Store. The plaintiffs say that Apple's 30% commission and control over pricing (exerted through search ranking and other mechanisms) raise prices on apps, and that they should be entitled to sue Apple for the additional expense its customers bear due to this monopolistic control. The framing is...

    Boing Boing
  • An IKEA store in Italy is letting stray dogs inside to warm up during the winter and the pictures will warm your heart

    Milazzo Livio/ Instagram One IKEA store is opening its doors to more than just shoppers looking for a bargain. In Catania, Italy, IKEA is allowing stray doors to come inside so they can stay warm during the winter — and the internet is loving it.  Martine Taccia noticed multiple dogs lounging around while she was shopping at the furniture store. She decided to record the sleepy pups and the video instantly went viral. See the rest of the story at Business Insider NOW WATCH: A sleep expert...

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  • Discord's store will let devs self publish with a 90/10 revenue split starting next year

    Discord ups the ante with a more generous 90/10 revenue share. In the wake of Epic Games’ announcement of its store that would be providing developers with a larger revenue split than Steam, Discord has announced that it will be beating the 12% Epic is taking, with a 90/10 revenue split. “Turns out, it does [