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  • Riverdale’s 5 best musical moments, as ranked by the show’s composer

    Riverdale’s midseason finale airs tonight, with Jughead and Archie en route to Toledo in search of Jughead’s mother and sister (Gina Gershon and Trinity Likins), while an outbreak of seizures plague Riverdale High. In honor of the fall finale, we sat down with Riverdale composer Sherri Chung to talk through her five favorite musical moments of the series.

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  • 130-team S&P+ rankings: Bama was FBS’ regular season’s best

    Championship Weekend provided minimal movement at the top of the S&P+ rankings. Below are the new S&P+ rankings after college football’s championship weekend. As one might expect, there was minimal movement with a slate about one-fourth as large as usual. A reminder: S&P+ is intended to be predictive and forward looking. Good predictive ratings are not résumé ratings, and they don’t give you bonus points for wins and losses. They simply compare expected output to actual output and...
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    Looking for a new MP3 player and think iPods are the only name in the game? Think again.
  • Ranked: 2018’s best-dressed celebrities

    Celebrity style has never seemed more adventurous.