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  • READ: Special counsel Robert Mueller's filing on Paul Manafort

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  • Write to Files and Read Files With PHP

    In this tutorial, you'll learn several important functions in PHP which are sufficient for all your basic file reading and writing needs. You'll learn how to read a file, write to a file, write to a text file, and check if a file exists. Luckily, PHP provides a lot of functions to read and write data to files. In this tutorial, I'll show you the easiest ways to read data from a local or remote file and how to use flags to write to files exactly how we want. Checking if a File Exists Your very...

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  • Read an excerpt from 'Recursion,' the blockbuster sci-fi book Shonda Rhimes is adapting for Netflix

    We’re still months away from publication, but Blake Crouch’s new novel Recursion is already a title with huge buzz behind it. One big reason? Shonda Rhimes and Matt Reeves (War for the Planet of the Apes) have acquired the novel in a blockbuster Netflix deal, with plans to adapt into both a film and a TV series. Naturally, intrigue is high. And fortunately, EW has an exclusive preview of the latest book from Crouch (Dark Matter) to share, in the form of a cover reveal and a juicy excerpt. First...
  • Captain Mal faces new danger in first official Firefly book: Read an exclusive excerpt

    The following is an excerpt from Firefly: Big Damn Hero, the first novel in Titan Books’ new series of original books expanding the official Firefly canon. In Big Damn Hero, written by Nancy Holder and publishing Nov. 20, Captain Malcolm Reynolds finds himself in a dangerous situation after being kidnapped by a bunch of embittered veteran Browncoats. Read the excerpt below. Firefly: Big Damn Hero is available for pre-order. — Why can’t things just go easy for once? Mal Reynolds wondered. The...
  • Merry X-Men Holiday Special, Die, Killmonger & More in Required Reading: Comics for 12/5/2018

    Like Santa’s sleigh on the evening of the 24th, this week’s New Comic Book Day is full to bursting, prompting some difficult omissions.
  • Annual special needs Christmas party gets visit from special guest (PHOTOS)

    The Elks hosted its annual special needs party and had its own special guest. HOBOKEN – The Elks Lodge here held its annual Christmas party for those with special needs and for Maria, Santa Claus is her favorite part of the event.  "I love that fact that Santa comes and Frosty, look what he gave me last year," Maria, a longtime event-goer, said as she showed off her bracelet. "I believe in Santa."  Maria is one of dozens of Hudson County residents who comes out to...
  • Is it better to read a book or listen to it?

    Daniel Willingham, a University of Virginia psychologist who wrote "The Reading Mind," says that the most common question he receives these days is the following: “Is it cheating if I listen to an audiobook for my book club?” In a New York Times essay, Willingham parses the benefits and drawbacks of both formats. Which one is better? Of course personally preference and convenience matter, but Willingham argues that generally right now when it comes to listening or reading a book, there is...

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