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  • Saudi Arabia says supports U.N. peace efforts on Yemen

    Saudi Arabia's foreign minister said on Thursday that the kingdom supports U.N.-led peace efforts to end the war in Yemen, where a Saudi-led coalition has been battling Iran-aligned Houthi insurgents for more than three years.

  • Everyone Not Exporting Arms To Saudi Arabia Is Halting Arms Exports To Saudi Arabia

    Only after Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi was brutally murdered did the major networks like CNN finally discover Saudi atrocities in Yemen and a horrid human rights record and history of crackdown on dissent at home.  While perhaps we might say better late than never, it's interesting to now see pieces being written about "the latest countries to suspend new arms deals with Saudi Arabia" given that some of these countries' arms exports to Saudi Arabia were so minuscule to begin with...

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  • Senators Angry With Saudi Arabia Look to Halt Support in Yemen

    Senators frustrated with Saudi Arabia following the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi could vote as early as Wednesday on a measure withdrawing U.S. support for the Saudi intervention in Yemen’s civil war.

  • Senate plans vote on revoking U.S. support for Saudi Arabia in Yemen

    The vote is expected to come on the heels of a briefing by two Cabinet members this week. House lawmakers say they are being denied a similar briefing.