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  • Russian crew to inspect mysterious hole in Soyuz spacecraft

    Cosmonauts to collect samples for analysis after suspicions foreign sabotage caused leak Two Russian cosmonauts are preparing to venture outside the International Space Station to investigate a mysterious leak. It was spotted on 30 August in the Russian Soyuz spacecraft attached to the station. The crew quickly located and sealed the tiny hole that created a slight loss of pressure. Space officials said the station remained safe to operate. Continue reading

    the Guardian
  • Watch Russian cosmonauts spacewalk to check out hole in Soyuz capsule

    The hole was the cause of a pressure leak over the summer.

  • NASA and SpaceX reschedule the first crew capsule test flight

    We're a few weeks away from the first uncrewed Demo-1 flight test to the Space Station, but NASA and SpaceX have pushed the mission back slightly. According to a post from the Commercial Crew Program, switching the date back ten days from January 7th

  • NASA sets a date for first SpaceX crew capsule test flight

    The race between Boeing and SpaceX to launch their first crewed space missions is heating up. NASA has announced an updated schedule for the two companies on the road to sending astronauts to space from American soil. On January 7th next year, SpaceX...

  • New development in case of Apple Watch customer who discovered heart condition with ECG app, featured on Good Morning America

    We reported last week about one of the first Apple Watch users who was surprised to find that he had atrial fibrillation (A-fib) after using the new ECG app. Now, that same 46-year-old was featured on ABC’s Good Morning America, sharing more details about how Apple Watch potentially saved his life. Interestingly, Ed Dentel had some chest pain earlier this year, but received normal results after an electrocardiogram. If it weren’t for his Apple Watch and the warnings from his readings last week,...

  • Michael Bublé -- Good Genes or Good Docs?

    Michael Bublé's good looks are all we want this holiday season!  Here's a 28-year-old version of the singer that keeps the Christmas spirit alive at a signing in New York City back in 2003 (left) and 15 years later
  • Lucy Liu -- Good Genes or Good Docs?

    Lucy Liu is getting better with age! Here's a 31-year-old version of the "Charlie's Angels" star beaming with beauty in New York City back in 1999 (left) and 19 years later ... the multitalented actress  -- Who is celebrating her 50th birthday…