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  • Viewpoints, Arguments in the U.S. Soccer Foundation, Federation Trademark Battle

    The U.S. Soccer Foundation, a charitable organization, is taking the U.S. Soccer Federation to court over a battle to keep its name and logos after a sudden dispute between the two intertwined parties.
  • 126 days past a federal judge's deadline, family separation remains a crisis

    The Congress Hispanic Caucus (CHC) tweeted this week that “it's been over a month” since members called on Health and Human Services (HHS) to hand over “updates on the remaining children in [Office of Refugee Resettlement] custody who are separated from their families and what this administration is doing to ensure the safety of these children.”  But children stolen from the arms of parents are still in U.S. custody, 126 days past a judge’s deadline. In fact, a recent ProPublica investigation...
  • 120 days past federal judge's deadline, migrant kids remain separated from parents

    Friday, November 23, marks 120 days since a federal judge’s deadline for the Trump administration to return children kidnapped from the arms of parents at the southern border, yet children remain under U.S. custody. Of 25 kids eligible for reunification, according to the most recently available numbers, the parents of 18 have already been deported.  One child separated from their family is one too many, yet the administration has a record number of migrant kids—14,000, according to officials—in...