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  • ‘The Daily Show’s Jaboukie Young-White Unhappy Amazon HQ Coming To Queens

    The Daily Show's Jaboukie Young-White is underwhelmed with Amazon’s announcement it’s locating half of it’s new HQ in Queens. “It’s worse than bad, it’s cliche!” Young-White sniffed. “Amazon has been around for 24 years and now they're doing what any 24 year old does: Move to New York and gentrify a neighborhood.” “Do you have any idea how crowded the subway is going to get? It’s already a non-consensual clothes-on orgy,” he complained to Trevor Noah. Amazon is promising…

  • Trevor Noah Loses Voice, ‘Daily Show’ Correspondents Fill In To Read His Script

    Trevor Noah must have had a really great time cheering on Beyonce and Jay Z’s amazing performance during the Global Citizen Festival — so much that he has lost his voice. Noah is now without a voice after hosting the festival in South Africa honoring Nelson Mandela so his colleagues at The Daily Show had to act as his voice Tuesday night while Noah sat next to  expressing his thoughts through his own version of sign language. Noah took to Twitter to give us an update on…

  • The recent Jim Acosta episode shows why the White House's daily press briefings are useless

    The relationship between the White House and the media is beyond repair. They are like two scorpions in a bottle -- neither can escape without killing the other. Watch video By Carl Golden  The recent ugly confrontation between the president and a reporter in the White House briefing room should remove whatever doubts existed over whether the daily briefings should continue or be scrapped. Not only have these sessions outlived their usefulness,...
  • Jaboukie Young-White Explains How Amazon Is Just Like Every Other 24-Year-Old You Know

    The Daily Show With Trevor Noah delivered its official response to Amazon’s upcoming move to New York during last night’s episode when Noah welcomed newly hired correspondent Jaboukie Young-White to offer his take on the news. “Oh, it’s worse than bad, Trevor. It’s cliché. Amazon’s been around for 24 years, ... More