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  • 'Crazy Rich Asians' has crazy bad opening weekend in China

    Turns out China isn't so crazy about "Crazy Rich Asians." The romantic comedy was a breakout success in the United States for Warner Bros., but it flopped at the Chinese box office, taking in less than $1.2 million in its opening weekend, according to industry tracker Ent Group. To put that in perspective, Sony's (SNE) superhero blockbuster "Venom" pulled in $111 million in its opening weekend in China early last month. The dismal Chinese debut for "Crazy Rich Asians" is a disappointment for...

  • China Isn’t Crazy At All About ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

    The hit U.S. movie has turned out to be a flop in the world’s largest population of Asians, where it plays to empty theaters; “Americans just don’t understand us.”

  • Crazy Rich Asians Did Not Have a Crazy Good Opening in China

    After a lengthy review process on behalf of the Chinese state to determine whether or not Crazy Rich Asians was fit for release in Chinese theaters, the American romantic comedy finally made its debut there this past weekend. Unfortunately, people didn’t love it, and according to The Telegraph the romantic ... More
  • Why Crazy Rich Asians Flopped in China

    Since arriving in theaters in August, Crazy Rich Asians has been on a seemingly unstoppable march toward both critical and commercial glory. The romantic comedy — the first Hollywood studio film to feature a predominantly Asian cast in a contemporary setting since 1993’s Joy Luck Club — eclipsed financial expectations, ... More