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  • May to Corbyn: ‘Let’s do a deal’ on Brexit

    The prime minister said heavy losses in local elections were a call from voters to get on with leaving the EU.
  • Now it’s a fight to the finish between a no-deal Brexit and remain

    Theresa May’s departure and the rise of the Brexit party may have ended any prospect of a compromise with the EU It’s now all or nothing. Theresa May has gone, most likely taking with her the possibility of a negotiated exit from the European Union. It means that the choice that will soon face the country is starker than before: a no-deal Brexit – or no Brexit at all. In her parting address outside Downing Street, May made a better case for compromise between those two positions than she ever...

    the Guardian
  • British-Irish deal to guarantee rights of citizens after Brexit

    Ministers to sign agreement securing rights conferred under Common Travel Area The rights of Irish people in the UK and British citizens in Ireland are to be guaranteed in a Brexit side deal to be signed by the country’s two governments. Sources say the memorandum of understanding will put the rights already conferred to citizens of both nations under the Common Travel Area (CTA) onto a more secure footing. Continue reading

    the Guardian