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  • Pushing microbes to deliver preferred products

    If environmental engineer Daniel Noguera had his way, he would orchestrate a microbiome to pump out higher-value chemical products.
  • Germany Reportedly Exploring Ban On Huawei Products

    With the US launching a federal investigation into Huawei over alleged theft of intellectual property from US carrier T-Mobile, and US lawmakers once again weighing a ban on sales of US-made microchips to ZTE and Huawei over suspicions that both companies violated US sanctions on Iran, the US's campaign to shut Huawei out of Western markets took yet another step forward on Thursday when the Wall Street Journal reported that Germany is considering a ban of Huawei products in the country's 5G...

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  • Trump says government shutdown meeting was productive

    President Donald Trump said a Friday meeting with senior U.S. lawmakers on the federal government shutdown was productive and that officials would meet during the weekend to address his longstanding promise to beef up security on the southern U.S. border.

  • Germany to fund research facility for EV battery technology

    The German government will fund a research facility to offer firms in Germany know-how to develop battery cells for electric vehicles (EVs), the science minister said on Wednesday, seeking to compete with Asian producers which dominate the industry.