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  • As shutdown lingers, Trump focuses on GOP unity, but to what end?

    Let's say the White House has invested considerable energy into preventing intra-party defections, and those efforts have paid off. Then what?

  • Melania Trump as role model: First Lady is her own woman

    by WorldTribune Staff, January 9, 2019 Melania Trump’s “sense of self-worth is not reliant on whether or not she’s on the cover of Vogue or invited to certain cocktail parties,” a columnist noted. The first lady “is her own woman – strong, independent, and won’t be bullied. And for today’s liberals and Democrats, that is [

    World Tribune: Window on the Real World
  • Trump didn’t focus on the real problems during speech

    Trump has polarized each side with views In response to “Facing pressure, networks fact-check Trump speech” (Jan. 8): The president could have told the truth in his immigration speech Tuesday