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  • Microsoft looks to instill app-compatibility confidence in Windows 7 users with Desktop App Assure

    Microsoft's new program for Windows 10 Enterprise and Education customers is designed to help them resolve any application compatibility issues they find in attempting to move from Windows 7 to 10.

  • How to Passcode Lock an App in iOS

    Apple doesn't have an official method for individually locking sensitive apps like Photos with a passcode, but luckily there's a workaround that was introduced in iOS 12 with Screen Time. If you really want to make sure one of your apps is inaccessible, you can use Apple's App Limits feature to do so. Here's how: Open up the Settings app. Choose "Screen Time." Make sure Screen Time is enabled and a Screen Time passcode is set. Tap on "Devices" in the upper left corner and select...

  • How to pay for Spotify Premium in the iOS app

    Want to upgrade your free Spotify account to a Premium one and looking for where to sign up on the iPhone or iPad app? Follow along for how to pay for Spotify Premium in the iOS app. more