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  • Trump's Oval Office address was a sham and a disgrace

    I come to you more from sorrow than from anger, President Trump seemed to be trying to say when he addressed the nation Tuesday night. But he was lying, of course, and the effect was more like that of the Big Bad Wolf dressing up in grandma’s nightgown than a person truly concerned with the fate of anyone other than himself. The speech was to be his big moment. Live from the Oval Office, he

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  • Trump's Oval Office address with all the words taken out

    Do you like the idea of listening to Trump "struggling to breathe"? Splinter's Jon Eiseman has the video for you. Not the normal, everyday breathing that you and I would do. His breathing was labored but also panicked, as if he knew that he desperately needed to get air into his system but just didn’t quite know how. Read the rest

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  • Trump’s Oval Office Appeal for a Wall

    Readers discuss the president’s arguments in his speech designed to win public support for a barrier.