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  • How ‘President Bolton’ Gets His Way

    So long as he doesn't clash openly with Trump or brag about his influence, Bolton is allowed to craft the foreign policy he desires regardless of what Trump occasionally says or tweets.

    The American Conservative
  • The Push to Get Rid of Bolton

    If Bolton is "under attack" from within the administration, it is because he has behaved with the same recklessness and incompetence that characterize his preferred policies overseas.

    The American Conservative
  • Megyn Kelly is getting all $69 million from NBC

    Shocking absolutely no one who had ever seen Megyn Kelly speak on television, Megyn Kelly ended her brief spin at NBC by saying something racist. Kelly’s first move at NBC was to interview Alex Jones, a carnival-barking hate-monger whose career highlights include spreading the appalling lie that the Sandy Hook massacre was  “false flag” and [