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  • Officials to tackle thorny issue of infrastructure funding

    WASHINGTON (AP) " Reality has set in during the three weeks since President Donald Trump and Democratic congressional leaders agreed to work together on a $2 trillion package to invest in roads, bridges and broadband.Republican leaders in Congress have shown little enthusiasm for the price tag, and even less for the idea of raising the federal fuel tax to help pay for upgrading the nation's infrastructure. Trump himself has suggested that Democrats are somehow setting a trap to get [

    The Palm Beach Post
  • Warning issued to parents about popular teething gel

    WCH Teething Gel will be discounted after South Australian Health authorities warned parents against using the product. Infants taken to hospital after overdosing on the anaesthetic lidocaine.

    Mail Online
  • Philip Hammond issues warning to Boris over No Deal

    Adding to Tory woes tonight, Philip Hammond will warn Boris Johnson and other Brexiteer party leadership candidates that they have ‘no mandate’ for No Deal.

    Mail Online
  • MSNBC Warns Republicans that Abortion is a Losing Issue

    With state legislatures across the country passing pro-life legislation, Politico's Anna Palmer and The Washington Post's Philip Rucker joined host Hallie Jackson on Monday's MSNBC Live to argue that Republicans will not benefit from this increased focus on abortion. After finishing an interview with Michigan's Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Jackson asked Palmer and Rucker to comment on the GOP's message for 2020, citing a New York Times article entitled "Abortion Fight or Strong Economy?...