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  • Create harsher penalties for hit-and-run drivers

    About once a week in Illinois, someone dies in a hit-and-run vehicle crash. A little boy who’d just been to the park with his grandfather, both struck while trying to cross a street. A freshman girl walking to high school, killed by a man charged with driving drunk at 7:45 a.m. Much more often,
  • Macy's is about to report earnings. Here's everything you need to know

    There are concerns department store retailers including Macy's didn't perform as well during the first quarter thanks to the Easter holiday falling later in the season and spring weather being wetter for much of the U.S., encouraging shoppers to stay inside.

  • 2019 NFL GM Offseason Report Cards

    It falls to the players to physically win games in the NFL and to the head coaches and their staffs to devise the game plans those players execute

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