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  • Martin O'Neill: Nottingham Forest will return to the Premier League and if I cannot guide them back then I will walk

    Martin O’Neill is one of Nottingham Forest’s original ‘miracle men’ but has given himself a strict 18-month deadline to start creating some history of his own.

    The Telegraph
  • Google will defeat its own captchas for you

    Step one: write a bot that hits the "play this captcha as audio for me" on a Google Re:captcha; step two: record that as an MP3; step three: feed the MP3 into the Google's Speech2Text API; step four: feed that text back into the Re:captcha. Automate the process with François-Guillaume Ribreau's Uncaptcha. This projet defeat ReCaptcha with 91% accuracy 🤩. How? You might ask. They ask for the audio challenge, dl the mp3, forward it to Google Speech2Text API and submit the answer back

    Boing Boing
  • The 8 Signs That Machine Learning Will Automate Some Or All Of Your Job

    When we talk about how artificial threatens to impact jobs, we’re usually talking about how machine learning threatens to impact jobs. As the ‘hottest’ subfield of AI going, i.e. the one receiving the lion’s share of the research dollars and commercial investment, it’s pretty crucial to understand how, specifically, it’s going to roll out in offices and workplaces. Which jobs, and which tasks within those jobs, it stands to automate. Yet while a number of studies have endeavoured to examine the...