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  • Trump wanted to cut immigration. Now he just wants to shift it to other parts of the world.

    Last year, President Donald Trump killed a bipartisan Senate bill that fully funded his border wall because it did not dramatically cut legal immigration. On Thursday, Trump unveiled an immigration plan whose central feature is a massive increase in high-skilled immigration and which wouldn’t result in any decline in legal immigration. Confused? It’s not actually [

    Mother Jones
  • Wanted: Harsh Realism at the World Bank

    Hilton L. Root economy, Americas The World Bank must switch to a grant-based model that prioritizes interconnective projects for the global good. The World Bank is recovering from one of the worst disasters in its history: the six-year (July 2012 to February 2019) tenure of Jim Yong Kim as its twelfth president. His newly-appointed replacement, President David Malpass, takes over an organization that has lost its focus on reducing extreme poverty and promoting shared prosperity, declined in...

    The National Interest
  • Want to Make Money? Work for the Government

    (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

    CNS News
  • The O'Jays Want The World To Catch Up To The Love Train

    The O'Jays founding members Eddie Levert and Walter Williams explain why "Love Train" is still relevant today.