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  • A Novelist’s Life in America’s Underbelly

    The writer Nelson Algren was an American original who, when he died in 1981, left behind a single work of literature that continues to haunt the American imagination. That work is the 1949 novel The Man With the Golden Arm, a book that has come as revelation to a good number of readers in every generation since it was first published. This in itself is a testament to the way a fully realized piece of writing can overcome the limitations of its own genre—in this case, the proletarian novel of the...

    The New Republic
  • Colorado dad’s heartbreaking Twitter feed chronicles what it’s like to wait to see if your kid’s been killed in a school shooting

    Father Steve Holley was one of hundreds of parents who was forced to face one of the most horrifying situations any can: his son was in a school shooting. He sat inside of a gymnasium waiting for the school to bus deliver his son along with other students being dropped off at the nearby Northridge Recreation Center, 9News reported. “There was a shooting at my son’s school today,” Holley wrote in a wrenching Twitter thread.

  • What mass shootings do to those not shot: Social consequences of mass gun violence

    Mass shootings are a tragic new normal in American life. They happen too often, as evidenced by the May 7 shooting in Highlands Ranch, Colo. and the April 30 shooting in Charlotte, N.C., the April 27 shooting at a synagogue in San Diego on the last day of Passover. Schools, places of worship, movie theaters, workplaces, schools, bars and restaurants are no longer secure from gun violence. Families lose loved ones, and lives are ripped