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  • David Fincher and Tim Miller's animated Netflix series is not for kids

    David Fincher's next project for Netflix is taking a sharp left turn. The famed director is working with Deadpool's Tim Miller on Love, Death, and Robots, a mature-themed animated anthology series. The show will revolve around 18 short stories of v

  • David Fincher, Tim Miller bringing animation anthology series to Netflix

    The first rule of Love, Death & Robots is that you talk about Love, Death & Robots. The new animated anthology series, presented by Tim Miller (Deadpool) and David Fincher (Gone Girl, House of Cards, Fight Club), is headed to Netflix, the streaming service announced Monday. The first of its kind on Netflix, Love, Death & Robots is a collection of animated short stories that will purportedly span multiple genres, including science fiction, fantasy, horror, and comedy. Featuring talent...
  • Netflix Announces Animated Anthology Series from David Fincher and Tim Miller

    Today Netflix announced a very cool project from Tim Miller (Deadpool) and David Fincher (Mindhunter) in the form of Love, Death & Robots, an animated anthology series. The shorts will span the genres, from science fiction and fantasy to horror and comedy, while also presenting a variety of animation formats, from traditional 2D to photo-real 3D CGI. Each segment will be 5-15 minutes long and is aimed at adults (as you will be able to tell from some of the images below!) and will be created...

  • David Fincher and Tim Miller announce edgy animated anthology series for Netflix

    Apparently, Netflix is intent on continuing to do weird stuff with its established formats, because the streaming service announced today that David Fincher and Deadpool’s Tim Miller are putting together an animated anthology series called Love, Death & Robots that will consist of 18 episodes that are each five to 15 minutes long. The shorts will be made in different styles by different studios, directors, and animators from all over the world, covering the “science fiction, fantasy, horror,...