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  • May will put her Brexit deal to a vote -- for the fourth time

    Can't wait to see what happens in the UK's Brexit saga? A new vote on an exit deal proposed by Theresa May now has a date: the week of June 3—the same week that Donald Trump begins his controversial state visit to the country.

  • UK's chief negotiator ‘joked that he would want EU citizenship after Brexit’

    Olly Robbins said he didn't want to come back to the UK after Brexit, according to Guy Verhofstadt

    The Independent
  • Cabinet ministers split over customs union Brexit deal with Labour

    Sceptics say it would not command majority among MPs or survive backbench changesFollow all the latest political news on our live blogCabinet ministers are bitterly divided over whether Brexit talks with Labour should broach the possibility of a customs union, with several sceptical that such a deal could even command a majority in parliament or survive hostile backbench amendments. A senior cabinet minister suggested a deal involving a customs union could be backed by as few as 90 Tory MPs and...

    the Guardian