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  • Chile's Pinera seeks jail time for environmental damages, infractions

    Chilean President Sebastian Pinera announced on Monday a bill to set stiffer fines and jail time for serious violations of the country's environmental laws, marking a shift toward increasing environmental scrutiny in the world's top copper producer.

  • Reformed 'club rat' raises millions for clean water projects

    Scott Harrison describes himself as the quintessential prodigal son. At 18, he left his conservative Christian home in New Jersey for New York City, where he became a nightclub promoter. There, he led a life of excessive drinking and drugs, model girlfriends and Rolex watches. "It led to a life that looked good on the outside, but was rotting on the inside," Harrison tells CNN's Poppy Harlow in a recent episode of Boss Files. "There had been a betrayal, a departure from any sort of spirituality...

  • 3 years later, no one is in jail over Flint tainted water

    DETROIT (AP) — Michigan's attorney general in 2016 promised to investigate "without fear or favor" the scandal over Flint's lead-tainted drinking water and pledged that state regulators would be locked up for fudging data and misleading the public. Yet three years later, no one is behind bars. Instead, seven of 15 defendants have pleaded no contest to misdemeanors, some as minor as disrupting a public meeting. Their records eventually will be scrubbed clean.