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  • Stacey Abrams continues the fight for Georgia, donating tons of money to state Democratic lawmakers

    Though she is, sadly, not going to be serving as Georgia’s next governor, Democrat Stacey Abrams is already planning for her next leadership position and working hard to set state Democrats up for success. This week, Abrams announced that her organization, Fair Fight Georgia, will be making a campaign contribution of approximately $60,000 to each Democratic state lawmaker.  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Fair Fight Action PAC raised about $220,000 this week alone, and that Abrams...
  • Kamala Harris' Proposed 'Tax Cut' for the Middle Class Manages to Cost Both Money and Jobs

    The government may still be shut down, but Congress is finally back in session, and Sen. Kamala Harris (D–Calif.) has seized the opportunity to introduce her latest legislative reform, the awkwardly named Livable Incomes for Families Today (LIFT) the Middle Class Act. The bill, in brief, would offer all families earning less than $100,000 as much as $6,000 in refundable tax credits. The details of the proposal were first floated back in October. Its formal introduction into the Senate on...
  • Kamala Harris staffer mocks O'Reilly for saying Harris 'lost' his vote for president

    The communications director for Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) on Monday mocked former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly after he stated Harris had "lost" his vote for president."Somehow we will soldier on," Lil Adams sai

  • The Making of Kamala Harris

    Willie Brown’s protégé is remaking herself as a progressive populist.

  • Kamala Harris for the Prosecution

    Liberals used to champion due process and the rights of the accused. These days they’re more selective.

  • The Kamala Harris Show

    LOS ANGELES—Kamala Harris's effort to rebrand herself as one of the cool candidates running for office didn't begin with the Monday release of her "Mood Mix" video of her favorite songs. It began with her book tour. The post The Kamala Harris Show appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.

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  • What is 'it' and does Kamala Harris have it?

    Does she have 'it'?